About Us

We are the creators of SEEK

We are the creators of SEEK.

SEEK is an intellectual evolution from its parent company Manford which was founded in 1993. Manford operates in a niche area called ‘Science of Exceptionality’, which talks about how in any sphere of life, less than 3% of the population influences the way the world directs itself, the way things are conceived and the kind of opportunities that unfold. Manford used this ideology to create their premiere intervention, the ‘Corporate Breakthrough Workshop’. These workshops have demonstrated breakthrough results in the top and bottom line of organizations.

SEEK’s focus is to make sure the rich legacy and contents of Manford (working with 185 organizations over 82 countries) is taken to a wider audience by means of technology.

A Message from our Founder

A Message from our Founder

“We will provide operational driven solutions for organizations, helping to implement behavioural change, measure progress, and increase engagement. The app’s familiar interface will reinforce a community setting, and give valuable insight into workforce trends. Data collected will help communication across an organization in a uniform way, saving both time and money. Analytics will help organizations to predict behaviours and moods so employers can take steps before problems arise. Changes can be made to solve issues before they happen, while ensuring every member works together for a more cohesive culture.” – Deepa Rachel, Founder and Director of SEEK