Change is successful

Change is successful when there is Purpose, Alignment, Clarity, Competence, Passion, Drive, & Trust.

Most change initiatives fail because of dysfunctional behaviours like Communication, Arrogance/Ego, Insecurity/Fear, Lethargy, Sycophancy, Non-Inclusiveness, Unwillingness to change, Distrust, etc.

These dysfunctional behaviours cannot be improved/developed using traditional trainings. Research suggests that these traits can be better developed thru the process of Extended Practice, Feedback and Motivation.

Based on this principle following features have been incorporated into SEEK

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Skill Development

  • This feature focuses on the process of Extended Practice
  • Customized contents are created taking into consideration the organizations current state and desired state
  • Using work and life simulations, SEEK helps employees to learn from natural consequences - both mistakes and successes.
  • Focus is on Reinforced learning where in employees spend 5 minutes on a daily basis
  • SEEK does not replace trainers but multiplies their impact
Change is successful

Organizational Alignment

  • This feature focuses on the process of Feedback
  • Focus would be to align the entire organization towards achieving the desired objective
  • Interventions would be in the form of daily quotes, videos and/or interactive tasks
  • Feedback from employees would influence the content
  • Solve the problems of aligning and integrating diverse cultural elements
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Feedback & Surveys

  • This feature focuses on the process of Feedback
  • Facilitates Real-time and continuous feedback from the work force
  • This in addition to or in place of annual employee engagement surveys helps organization address issues before they escalate
  • Employees have the facility to raise any concerns and/or issues confidentially
  • Enables employees to give and receive feedback from peers. Better interaction with colleagues in an altered setting soon contributes to positive team building within the organization
  • Ensure there are fluid two-way communication channels – so that information can flow upward as well as downward within hierarchies
Change is successful

Rewards & Recognition

  • This feature focuses on the process of Motivation
  • Regular and timely motivation helps in retaining a highly engaged workforce and thereby improve productivity
  • SEEK allows
    • Peer nominated recognition
    • Departmental recognition for individuals / teams
    • System generated nominees for recognition
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  • This feature focuses on the process of Motivation
  • As the name suggest this section is for employees to have fun and at the same time develop their analytical thinking capabilities
  • It provides quick and engaging exercises on analytical thinking
Change is successful

Performance Metrics

  • Analytics from data provided by SEEK helps organizations
    • Identify the top and bottom 10% of talent
    • Employee Engagement score
    • Employee Skill Assessment score
    • Organizational performance heat map
  • Based on the data organizations can take informed decisions to engage and retain their diverse workforce
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Lifecycle Mapping

  • Provide key milestones during and employees tenure
  • This data would help organization identify the trend and impact of the changes being pursued and take corrective actions wherever needed; thereby improving employee engagement and productivity.