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Organizations don't change - people change first

SEEK is a business intelligence platform that evaluates, implements and measures organization-wide change. With a blend of Big data, Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis and Behavioural Sciences, the platform has established itself as a disruptive tool to drive individual change in behaviour to align with the Organisation objectives.
It's a well-known fact that organizations don't change - people change first. Yet most of the transformation/change focus on systems or process. With SEEK the idea is to align people to process & system using behavioural science concepts and thereby resulting in enhanced performance and successful change implementation.

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Knowledge is not equal to Competency

Over the last decade, organizations have invested heavily in learning and development, both in the range of concepts and methodology. But unless you apply this learning’s nothing changes in the organization. For example, everyone understands heavy concepts as win-win yet often the skill to deal with difficult customers/ colleagues/ conversations is missing. SEEK aims to address the application part (behavioural change) along with skill-building while overcoming the learning fatigue. By doing this SEEK helps an organization improve productivity and align their employees with its goals.

About SEEK: Welcome


Experiential Learning: 

o   Real-Life Simulations

o   Customized Bite-Size Content

o   Multi-Language Capability


Adaptive Assessment: Assessments that adapt to each participant and accurately maps across 4 levels of difficulty

Dynamic Surveys: Questions that dynamically change based on the previous response and hence identify the root cause

o   Dip-Stick / Pulse Survey

o   Confidential Feedback Platform

o   360 Feedback


o   Competency Gap Mapping

o   Engagement Heat Map

o   Mood mapping vs. Organization Events 

o   Talent Retention Mapping 

o   SME identification

o   Sentiment Analysis

About SEEK: Welcome
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