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Practice till you cannot get it wrong

The biggest challenge today is not knowledge but the ability to apply knowledge. SEEK provides a platform where coachee can interact real-time and share practical issues being faced while implementing the concepts. Analytics help coachee to identify the roadblocks that come their way in making change happen.


1-3 Months – Orientation & Execution Excellence

  • Clearly Identify the strengths and areas of development for each Leader.

  • Set Individual Goals

  • Identify misfits (role misfit and/or organization misfit)

4-6 Months - Collaboration & Influencing

  • Higher Team Engagement

  • Ability to get the best from your team – improved productivity

  • Higher collaboration across functions

7-9 Months - Strategic Thinking

  • Faster decision making

  • Set and achieve exceptional results

  • Improved Business results

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High Potential Leaders have a need for continuous developmental feedback

SEEK ensures a customized development journey for each high potential leader, we know that what gets the best in one may not work for another.


  • Gap Matrix

  • Individual Development Plan

  • Identify misfits (role misfit and/or organization misfit)

  • Higher Engagement

  • Improved Productivity

  • Attrition Predictor

  • Leadership Profiling

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