September 6, 2017

Why We Love HR Tool For Organizational Culture, Change Management And Leadership Training Programs. (And You Should, Too!)

Every organization begins with a set of beliefs. These beliefs are shared amongst the team responsible for creating the organization and act as the foundation for the standards to followed in the future. These beliefs later become values that must be shared among the individuals to form a defined culture.

Organizational culture

Organizational culture defines the values of the people who work together to shape the behavior of an organization as a whole. The behavior of a group of people defines the culture of the organization. Since the behavior or values may differ for different organizations, so will their respective cultures. This results in problems, such as lack of a uniquely defined organizational culture, undefined structure and inability to develop a good approach for creating a better culture in the organization.

“Organizational culture defines a jointly shared description of an organization from within.” — Bruce Perron

The shared view of an organization shapes how an individual behaves and acts on a daily basis. A simple example of organizational culture can be how people dress and behave in a social event. Our behavior is completely different when we are at a corporate meet as compared to a friend’s birthday party. It is not a written rule on how we should behave at these formal events, yet we do act exactly like everyone else around us at that particular event. This is how the shared behavior transforms to a culture on a daily functioning of an organization.

Change Management

As the name suggests, change management is the approach used by experts to manage any kind of transition in individuals, teams or the operations of an organization. In terms of a large scale change, organizational change management considers the changes required in the full organization. It deals with multiple aspects of change like behavioral, social, business solutions and information technology.

With the recent changes in the market, especially the one in India, change management is crucial for any transition in business. Due to globalization, social media and better internet connectivity adaptability has become the most important aspect of any business.Modern organizational change occurs mainly due to factors like the market and global business scenario. Simple aspect of change required by many companies today is the transition from conventional advertising to digital marketing.

Leadership training

True leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.

Any kind of growth or even handling day to day functions at an organization requires a leader. But merely managing a team or a group of employees doesn’t make you a good leader. A good leader understands the importance of behavior, presentation and creating more leaders just like him. In today’s competitive environment, in a world of billions, it is necessary to understand the multi-dimension nature of a great leadership program. But how do you go about creating leaders who can compete on a global level? How do these leaders scale up your organization while maintaining the organizational culture?

Can your company handle change management, leadership training and create a better organizational culture with a simple HR tool?

Eidolon’s HR tool SEEK app can help professionals in actualizing core values of an organization through learning and practice. One can obtain or determine the strengths of an organization in different areas. Eidolon Learn then helps with customized services and aligns its processes with organizational policies for better implementation of the change. By helping the middle management become and later nurture better leaders, the platform also creates a better organizational culture and helps the company undergo transition for accelerated growth and in return makes changes in the operations smooth.