SEEK for Sales

SEEK for Sales reinvent the way companies empower their sales department. Sales is one area
that has been in need of a technological breakthrough for years.
And SEEK is just that breakthrough product. With completely customised solutions for each
client, SEEK is able to improve skillsets within the workforce, engage the employees far more
effectively, align the teams with the business goals, gather data and feedback in real-time
and implement actions.
These are just some of the benefits that come with SEEK.

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SEEK for Sales


A technology solution that improves Sales team productivity (Increase average sales per representative)


Nothing has a more direct impact on driving revenue growth then improving Sales team productivity and efficiency. About 50% of sales representative do not achieve their sales goals


Using our state of art technology platform coupled with proprietary content; we develop, align, motivate and monitor sales representative resulting in improved productivity and controlled attrition

Why Us

Solution built on years of research & experience. Manford the parent company has over 25 years of experience, spanning over 185 organizations across 82 countries.

Sales Stats

Of sales representatives do not achieve their sales goals
Of B2B sales organizations report that productivity and performance is a top challenge
30% to 40%
Decrease in ramp-up time thru effective on-boarding training
More productivity by engaged sales representative.

Top Challenges of Sales Leaders

Sales is a critical function within the organisation and the consequence of weak Sales Team can range from Revenue Losses, Lower Profits, Reputational Damage, Unhappy customers, etc.

  • - Ensuring the team is equipped with latest Product Knowledge & Soft Skill trainings.
  • - Continuous skill gap assessment and customized development plan for each individual
  • - Engage and Align the sales team with organization targets and bring in the required changes (people & process)
  • - Monitor Sales Performance and get early indicators of top performers, bottom performers and attrition risk


Builds skill in

behavioural change
Increases employee
Resulting in a highly
productive team

SEEK - The Sales Excellence Solution

  • - Push product specific content (provided by entity ) across the sales team
  • - Customized Soft Skill content (provided by SEEK) as per roles and skill level
  • - Reinforced Learning (5 minutes a day) resulting in better knowledge retention
  • - Application based learning
  • - Generates adaptive assessment as per employee’s role and responsibilities
  • - Skill Gap Analysis
  • - Peer & Manager Feedback
  • - Track application of learnings
  • - Continuously engage with each team member
  • - Align the team towards business objectives
  • - Reward & Recognize top talent
  • - Highlight employee conern and issues
  • - Provides insights on
  • - Employee Engagement
  • - Attrition Risk
  • - Top talent
  • - Skill Gap


  • Customized Contents as per the organizations requirement
  • Analytics that helps organization take informed decision
  • Link and measure benefits to Business Results
  • Enhance performance & Improve Sales Skill
  • Addresses the gap between knowledge and action
  • Reduce onboarding time of new sales representative
  • Commitment of a minimum of 70% engagement
  • Ability to create a 
multiplier effect

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