The Need for SEEK

Get employees to do what they are supposed to do
Drive change in behaviour and attitude, aligned with the values of the organisation
Overcome training fatigue and close the widening gap in learning implementation
Predict potential issues with people, process and/or systems
Attain uniform employee behaviours, across all locations
Better employee satisfaction, retention and enhanced productivity

The SEEK Solution

SEEK is a business intelligence platform that evaluates, implements and measures organisation-wide change. Backed by 25 years of research the SEEK platform facilitates dialogue and provides clarity through the Culture Change Index.


Built on the fundamental principle that each individual’s intent is to do well for the organisation and themselves, the main aim of SEEK is to create a dialogue with employees. This dialogue covers the purpose of the organisation, what it stands for, its values, its goals.

SEEK also provides opportunities for employees to speak up, engage with the organisation, and challenge themselves. Customised content is curated based on the need, and the phase of the unit.

The end result is a better understanding of what drives and motivates the workforce. This clarity also throws up skill gaps or desired competence enhancements.

Culture Change Index

This comprehensive tool collates 4 measures of culture change – Self-Assessment (Skill & Application), Peer Feedback, Business Intelligence indicators and Financial Metrics, that demonstrate individual and collective organisational change.


  • Micro-Learning – Customised byte-sized content (5 minutes a day)
  • Adaptive Assessment – Assess user levels accurately
  • Gamification – Ensures a minimum of 70% engagement
  • Dynamic Surveys – Identifies and addresses issues, before they escalate
  • Analytics – Helps make informed decisions in real-time
  • Artificial Intelligence - Assess employee engagement level

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